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16 Oct

This weekend I went to Boston to visit some friends and family! After a busy afternoon I was able to sneak away for a pedi and mocha date with Liz –  a wonderful woman, friend, mentor, and mother. We went to L’Aroma Cafe & Bakery in West Newton, MA and boy was I surprised with their mochas! Here is why:

Taste: 3

2 words: warm milk. While this drink used to be a childhood favorite of mine (hello susie bee!), I have to say that I no longer like plain old warm milk. ESPECIALLY when I think I am about to taste a mix of milk – espresso – chocolate. All I could taste was warm milk with a teensy weensy hint of chocolate and espresso. Disappointing.

Appearance: 8

Did you see the picture?! This mocha latte was a piece of art! A tree or a heart?! I don’t know, I just like it! Decorative coffee designs make me so happy. I don’t know how they make these designs! Genius. What do you think this design is supposed to be?

Store Ambiance: 3

The store itself is rather bland. Paint on the walls. A community board of the goings on in Newton. A do-it-yourself table with different milks, creams, cinnamon, and sugar. There were two other people in the entire store. Not much umpf! There are two cool things about this store. One thing is that there is a secret upstairs tea room that you access via a tiny spiral stair case in the corner of the store. And secondly, another cool thing about this store is that it is attached to an arts and crafts store (used to be attached to a great clothing store that has now been replaced by the kiddie arts and crafts store). So you can grab a coffee and spend some time in the artsy store!


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