It’s Witchcraft

22 Oct

Last weekend in Boston a few girl friends and I went to Salem, MA for some Halloween fun, psychic readings, and mocha lattes (of course!) We quickly realized that we were the odd balls because we were among the few NOT walking around Salem dressed up as a witch, a sexy witch, or a zombie Steve Jobs.  After a few laughs and “what the heck’s?!” we stumbled upon the Front Street Coffehouse. This bizarre little place had a lot of creative food and drink options – hello organic wheat grass shots, half order vegetarian sandwiches with names like Veggin Out Pixie, and local MA farm milk! In addition, the interior was like a mix between a big, random, antique shop + Tim Burton movie scene . Very cool. Very Halloween. Here is what I thought of the Front Street Coffeehouse mocha latte:

Taste: 5

SMOKEY was the first flavor that hit my taste buds. Can espresso beans have a smokey taste? Besides the smokiness I also enjoyed the mocha flavor – kind of like the chocolate used by Starbucks. It was a bit bitter and no traces of sweetness. Overall taste was pretty good but I would have preferred to taste a bit more mocha and to have a bit more steamed milk.

Appearance: 3

Nothing too special about this one. It just looks warm and cozy. I have become slightly more picky about the appearance rating after oohing and ahhing over the pretty mocha at L’Aroma Cafe & Bakery in West Newton, MA. 

Store Ambiance: 6

By far the coolest mocha latte shop I have been to on my mocha quest. There was lots of Halloween inspired local art, comfy couches, rickety old tables, and Halloween decorations. This store also attracted a diverse crowd – hard to tell whether this is the normal crowd or if it looks a bit different now that we are so close to Halloween.  People in 70’s bell bottoms and vests, people in witch costumes every day attire, hipsters, and Salem tourists 🙂  You could sit inside or outside, but either way you are guaranteed some great people watching.

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