America Runs On…

27 Nov

On Thanksgiving Day I went to Dunkin’ Donuts on the Berlin Turnpike in CT. Now, as you may already know, I am more of a Starbucks gal than a Dunkin’ gal.  At Starbucks I believe the quality of ingredients is superior, their atmosphere is calmer, and there is a DIY bar full of milk, soy milk, and nutmeg (oh my!).  However, for the sake of research, I opted to try Dunkin’s mocha lattes on for size. Lucky for me I had a coupon for a free latte. Unlucky for me this was one of the grosest mocha latte’s I have ever encountered…

Taste: 1

I could not even finish this. It was like drinking chocolate syrup, the super sweet kind. Ugh, it was oh so sweet. If you ever want to try a mocha latte at Dunkin’ Donuts do yourself a favor and either ask for half the syrup or just do not order one.

Appearance: 1

This mocha was nothing special. I ordered my mocha in my standard fashion – for here cup, no whip cream. And that is exactly what I got… plus an extra cup of chocolate syrup. On another note, I promise I will keep trying to perfect my novice photography skills 🙂

Store Ambiance: 2

This place was empty. Granted it was Thanksgiving Day and people were not out for coffee, but this place was eerie quiet. The chairs look so uncomfortable I could not picture myself sitting here, mocha in hand, studying or reading.  Perhaps a big comfy chair would make this place more of a hang out than a drive through. I must commend DD for being so clean and colorful – not many people can pull off a pink-orange combo!


Are you more of a Starbucks or a Dunkin’ Donuts kind of person?


Posted by on November 27, 2011 in Connecticut


2 responses to “America Runs On…

  1. Californian-Americano

    December 3, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    next time LCP and LCM go to Dunkin Donuts, just show them the first picture on this post. Yum!

  2. muriel

    December 6, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    Dear Mocha Vista,
    That bad?
    I love their frozen hot-chocolate.


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