24 Jan

Ahhh Yale.  I feel instantly smarter (and more stressed) when I walk around the Yale campus.  Last week I met up with a fabulous friend who goes to Yale and she had a few coffee shop recommendations.  We stopped for a mocha (a skim latte for Altair) at Blue State Coffee in New Haven, CT.  Very ‘me’ in some ways.  Here’s why:

Taste:  4

Hello bitterness! I cannot remember a time where I tried a mocha and thought to myself: ‘Wow this thing needs some sugar!”  It was like drinking baking chocolate, you know, the extremely bitter kind you just don’t eat? Well I was so wrapped up in our conversation that I forgot to grab some sugar; by the time I had finished my ‘mocha’ I had already developed a stomach ache.  Perhaps you might want to try some sweeter cocoa next time, Blue State!

Appearance:  4

Well I was disappointed in how plain this mocha looks! Especially because the stranger sitting near us had a beauuutiful design on her coffee concoction! Hmmpf.  Major points lost for inconsistency with steamed milk designs.  I’ll give the presentation a few points here because I love how the white cup brings out the mocha color. AND a cup and saucer pairing makes any coffee drink taste better 🙂

Store Ambiance:  8

YES this is a great place to study, people watch, and catch up with friends.  Lively classic music at a perfect volume, framed Polaroid photos lining the tan walls, and lots of space.  There were people of all ages sitting at tables and chairs and on big comfy leather couches.  This place was totally packed, but it is large enough for everyone to eventually secure a seat.  Blue State also has a great community board with a list of all the goings-on around town – I love that.  AND last but not least they use locally made dairy products and have a bunch of cafe-esque food options (chocolate croissant anyone?) If I had to make any recommendations for how to improve it would have to be some cooler tables and lights; just too bland for my taste.  Other than this, I recommend Blue State to anyone 🙂

MAJOR brownie points for being good to our Earth 🙂

What is your favorite New Haven java place?

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Posted by on January 24, 2012 in Connecticut


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  1. muriel

    January 25, 2012 at 6:42 am

    Nice entry and fun to read.


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