Cupcakes and Coffee

25 Jan

What are your New York City ‘must do’s’?  A Broadway show?  Central Park?  Favorite restaurant?  All of the above? One of my new must do’s is to stop at Crumbs Bake Shop for a delicious cupcake. Last weekend in the city with my lovely friend (and best 4th grade teacher!) Andrea, we stopped at Crumbs near Grand Central (420 Lexington Ave) for cupcakes and coffee; a mocha for me and a skinny 3 pump iced latte something or other for Ange.  After trying their mocha latte’s, I have decided I will only stick to their cupcakes from now on. Here’s the skinny:

Taste: 5

Another mocha that tastes like hot chocolate. Blaachh!  I want to taste the espresso, people!  I’m starting to reconsider my mocha order – perhaps go with reduced fat milk instead of my usual order of whole milk.  I have found that I taste more milk than anything in my mochas, so perhaps opting for a lower fat milk might make the taste more equal – equal parts milk, chocolate, and espresso. Or maybe try a mocha cappuccino instead of a latte?? I just wish Crumbs used a better quality, more bitter chocolate for their coffee drinks.

Appearance: 3

I can make a mocha latte look like this!  Obviously coffee drinks are not a priority at Crumbs.  I give it a 3 because it looks warm and inviting, the white cup brings out rich mocha color, and the was no spilling around the sides of the cup <— yes a clean cup is worthy of one appearance point! Again, ugh, forgot to bring my travel mug with me.  Sorry Earth!

Ambiance:  4

Besides me and Andrea there was only a handful of people, all of whom looked at me like a crazy person as I did my mocha photoshoot.  I got a quiet and serious vibe from this Crumbs.  Yes there are tables and chairs but no there really were not many people sitting and enjoying their coffees.  I would have loved to hear some uplifting music, see some comfy chairs, and even taste some samples of their delicious cupcakes.  I suppose Crumbs is more of a grab and go cupcake shop.

Have you been to Crumbs?  What is your favorite cupcake?

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Posted by on January 25, 2012 in New York


One response to “Cupcakes and Coffee

  1. muriel

    January 28, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Interesting observations in the “Ambiance” department. I agree, how about a sampling of the cupcakes. That would be so much fun – sort of like a little spoon full of ice-cream tasting.
    You ask what my favorite cupcake would be. If all varieties are equally lusciously, moist, and delicious I will most often choose coconut. Did you happen to try that one?


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