09 Feb

I didn’t need a telescope to see this Comet! Comet Coffee in Ann Arbor, MI is a quiet little espresso haven.  Tucked away from the busy-ness of South State Street, Comet Coffee serves STRONG coffee to UMich students, vacationers, and Presients alike! Seriously, when I was recently in AA President Obama was there as well.  He obviously has good taste in coffee because about 11 hours after we drank our coffees (mocha for me, latte for Tom Tom), President Obama was spotted at Comet! Sigh…

Taste: 6

YIKES this was STRONG!  So strong in fact that I needed to balance out the bitterness with a chocolate croissant (like I needed an excuse).  I could taste the espresso and the oh so bitter chocolate the most.  I actually got a bit of a stomach ache from this pretty little thing.  I wonder if they used whole milk or a lower fat milk?  Either way, perhaps Comet can use some sweeter cocoa next time.  That, or I can develop a stronger stomach to stomach this mocha!

Appearance: 7

Don’t be deceived by the innocence of this mocha… this was BITTER and STRONG!  Like wake you up in a second strong.  Although I have seen many versions of this motif, I still cannot figure out what it is exactly.  Like some kind of flower plus angel design.  I marked down some points because I just do not think this ’60’s color brown can compliment any mocha latte! Also, for as strong as the cocoa and espresso are, I am surprised that the color is not richer than this!


Store Ambiance: 7

Comet has no bathroom <– loss of points.  Comet is tiny – perhaps just a handful of tables and ten barstools.  Granted, they do have some outdoor seating but who wants to sit outside when it is 30 degrees (anyone besides me?)? With that said, this place had a steady flow of people having coffee for here and coffee to go.  It seemed as though all those who wanted a seat had one available.  At Comet you can overhear studious conversations, listen to some 80’s tunes a la ipod, and talk to the baristas!  I asked one barista about the Pour Over method, a single cup coffee method I have started seeing most everywhere I go – even Starbucks!  I like how they have an option of snacks, the environment is conducive to studying and socializing, and how simple and lively the store feels.  All in all I had a real nice time at Comet – I had a beautiful mocha, a sample of all their chocolate-y items, and a handsome man to share it all with! Delicious!

Pour Over Method


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One response to “Comet

  1. muriel

    February 10, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    Hi DMV,
    You sure do get around. With so many coffee shops in every area, how do you pick the one you visit?

    The president visiting Comet 11 hours after you drank coffee there is pretty cool.

    Nothing like a handsome man to up the ratings.

    Thanks for this entry.


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