DC Swing’s

13 Feb

During The New York Football Giants Superbowl weekend I went to Washington, DC to visit my brother and his girlfriend!  We rented bikes and rode around the city, making an important mocha stop at Swing’s in Foggy Bottom.  Swing’s has been roasting and distributing coffee since 1916 and they have the photos to prove it.  This is a great place to people watch while enjoying some GREAT quality coffee!

Me at Swing’s post mocha 🙂

Taste: 6

‘HUH?!’ I thought after taking my first sip.  I almost detected a sweet vanilla-chocolate-y taste; there was definitely another flavor in there besides the basic cocoa and I was not sure what I thought of that. Seconds after taking my first sip I felt JOLTED awake!  Now that’s what I need from my mocha – great taste and an instant wake up.  After more than half way through this mocha it became a bit too sweet for my taste, almost like all of the flavors were sinking to the bottom of the cup. Blahh.  Besides the sweetness, I could taste the great quality of their espresso.  And having had a cup of their french pressed coffee (a la Nathaniel) I knew that they made amazing tasting espresso.  Next time I go to Swing’s I’ll probably ask for just half the amount of cocoa and then it will make my taste buds happy.

Appearance: 6

Great try, Swing’s!  This looks like some Picasso painting – I can sort of tell what design they were going for but it looks all abstract now.  Perhaps that’s because there was a minor spill while the mochas were en route to our table (a la Nathaniel 😀 ).  I appreciate the classic white cups and saucers with a bit of a contemporary twist in the square handle.  The white color just brings out the dark and light colors in this mocha.  Even though I do like the white color I would have loved to have seen something with a bit more ‘umpf’.  But again, this being DC and being right across from the historic Old Executive Office Building, I would imagine that artsy crafty cups are not welcomed.  This city during the day is like a walking, talking J.Crew catalog.

Store Ambiance: 8

This store has history.  This store has a mix of intellectuals.  This store has got a lot going for it!  For starters, Swing’s had a consistent line of customers about 16 people deep.  While waiting in line you will hear people talking in a variety of accents discussing everything from running a campaign to neoliberal institutionalism.  We got our coffee drinks (mocha for me, latte for the brother) quite quickly and found a table.  All around us people are either working on their laptops, buying coffee from Nathaniel’s favorite barista ;), and engaging in conversations that make you say ‘what the heck is that?!’  Surrounding all of the coffee-goers are photos from Swing’s circa 1916ish.  I love these photos!  The pictures, along with the mahogany and mirrored fixtures made me feel like I was stepping into a different kind of DC landmark.  So next time you are in DC, swing by Swing’s for some locally roasted (Virginia), great quality coffee.

  “I ❤ kahve!”

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  1. muriel

    February 23, 2012 at 6:09 am

    Very, Very Nice!
    Love the pictures!


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