14 Feb

Who knew Washington, DC had such a variety of amazing coffee spots?  I met up with an old traveling buddy, John, who suggested we go to Tryst in Adams Morgan.  How cool is this place?!  It’s like a dance club meets coffee shop meets restaurant.  Do you want to grab a glass of wine before going out? Go to Tryst.  Do you want to have a mocha and study for an upcoming test?  Go to Tryst.  This place is loud, fun, and very unique!

ME and my mocha!

Taste: 6

Nice, foamy, basic mocha.  Not too sweet, not too bitter, just right.  Wish I could have tasted their espresso a bit more in this mocha.  I did thoroughly enjoy dipping the animal crackers into my mocha!  Great idea, Tryst.

Appearance: 6

This is pretty cute, huh?  I like the swirly chocolate-y design on top and the animal crackers on the bottom.  Does anyone see anything in the chocolate swirly design? I can’t seem to figure out if I should be seeing anything in particular but it does appear easy to re-create.  Minus points for no ‘wow’ factor.  While I do like the crispness of the white cup and saucer, for such a crazy fun place I’m surprised I did not see some locally made artsy cup and saucer.  I used to be all for uniformity when it comes to plates and serving pieces but now I am getting bored with the all white everywhere!


Store Ambiance: 9

Oh heck yes!  This is a very ‘me’ place.  Local art for sale on the walls, dance-y upbeat music, packed with people and good vibes!  Tryst has a wide range of seating: choose from a comfy couch, a table for two, or a place at the bar.  You can sit amongst other Trysters or hide away at a table in the back.  They have something special going on almost any night of the week – who doesn’t love live Jazz on a Monday or a movie showing on a Tuesday?  There is free Wifi and happy hour specials.  They are powered by wind energy, promote shopping locally, and seem passionate about buying coffee from Counter Culture Coffee, an organization dedicated to sustainability and coffee education (and barista competitions!)  I HIGHLY recommend Tryst to anyone, any time of day, any day of the week 🙂



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