The Book Trader Cafe

16 Feb

Ahhh Yale.  Home of the Bulldogs, inventors and actors, and more coffee shop + book store combinations than I’ve ever seen.  This makes my mocha research that much easier!   Before a day of meetings for me and a day of classes for Altair (you ‘met’ her at Blue State Coffee), we stopped in at The Book Trader Cafe in New Haven, CT.  “Feed your body & your mind!”


Taste: 5

“I think they messed up my order,” I said to Altair after taking the first sip of my mocha.  I couldn’t detect any cocoa so I asked Altair to try.  She too thought it tasted more like a latte so I went back to the barista.  I told her that I ordered a mocha but was not sure what I got.  She explained that it was a mocha but that she did not mix up all the ingredients.  As she asked ‘did you want more chocolate?’ she poured chocolate syrup into my mocha. Ughhh.  I retreated back too my seat and got only half way through my mocha before it became too disgustingly sweet to drink.  Had you initially mixed up the flavors, barista, you would receive a higher Taste rating 🙂

Appearance: 6

Photos are taken pre-chocolate syrup addition. The mocha does look nice next to my mocha chip scone, wouldn’t you agree?  You also might be asking yourself: ‘Why is she drinking that in a paper cup?’  The answer, dear readers, is that The Book Trader Cafe did not have any clean mugs! Ughhh.  On the bright side, the barista who created my latte mocha seemed very into the looks of my mocha!  I like it when people take pride in their work.  Look closely and you can see a tiny little flower/heart ❤  Cute, right?  I also like how the design is located center stage with a frame of rich chocolately espresso.  I would have loved to have seen a more unique design – a book, perhaps?


Store Ambiance: 6

8:30am.  Surrounded by books, good company, good coffee + scones, and… debates over architecture?!  Altair was telling me about her favorite local architects when we hear a voice from across the room exclaim: ‘Deborah Berke ruined New Haven!’ We turned around to discover that we had some conversation snoops.  A resounding debate over Deborah Berke v. Zaha Hadid ensued.  Store ambiance points: +3.  This store is really large, and I almost got the feeling like I was having breakfast in my own kitchen.  There is ample table space, both inside and outside, at a table or tucked away down an aisle of books.  Perhaps it was early morning, or perhaps The Book Trader Cafe is always this way, but there was a bit of a sleepy vibe.  I like how this place offers a variety of food and drinks as well as gently used books (you can sell them your books, DVDs, and CDs for cash or store credit!)  The employees seem to really care about your experience at the store, which is a refreshing dose of niceness for Connecticut. This place seems to care a bit more about their books than the quality of their food or the appearance of their store (hello dirty tables and ugly green decor). I may be back, but I’ll stick to your coffee next time.

Wouldn’t you like to study here?!

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Posted by on February 16, 2012 in Connecticut


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