New Kid on the Block

13 Mar

Render Coffee is a newbie on the Southie coffee scene but boy has it hit the ground running.  Having just opened during Fall/Winter 2011, Render’s reputation as a hidden gem is getting out.  On a recent trip to Boston, some friends and I headed to 563 Columbus Avenue for some brunch and mocha research.

Taste: 7

“My friend writes a coffee blog”, chimed Teresa as I ordered my mocha for here.  “Make that one look good,” shouted the 30-something, flannel wearing, hipster store owner to his barista. Since every single table was occupied, we (Nick and I) took our coffees to the bar table by the window (the other friends don’t ‘do’ coffee. Eughh). This mocha was bitter, instantly woke me up, and the temperature was perfect.  You almost need to eat something with this mocha to balance out the bitterness, and lucky you, Render has lots of delicious choices to offer (pastries from 3 Little Figs!? Yum).


Appearance: 7

Render baristas take pride in appearances!  The rich espresso color, the detailed latte art, and the sprinkle of dark cocoa around the top make for a beautiful mocha.  I’ve seen this design all over the place, so points lost for originality.   Also, is it just me or does that black cup and saucer do nothing to bring out the prettiness of this mocha?

Store Ambiance: 7

This place is truly a hidden gem.  Good quality coffee from Counter Culture Coffee (same as Tryst in DC).  The staff here seemed knowledgeable of their products and damn proud of them! I like to see passion in people.  You order your drinks and food at the counter, the staff brings your order to your table, and will occasionally walk around to clear your plates and cups.  Nice, attentive, clean! Render has to be one of the most high tech coffee shops I’ve been to in a long time.  It seems like they run the entire shop with an ipad.  The decor is sleek, no fuss, and locally infused with pieces of bizarre art from the Boston community.  There are only about 10 tables and a few chairs by the front of the building.  During the warmer months Render opens up their back patio for additional seating.  One of my favorite things about Render is their focus on shopping locally/bringing the community together.  Render offers a discount card for shopping at a handful of local coffee shops/eateries, offers latte art throw downs, and home brewing courses.  This place is great if you are looking for a sleepy, neighborhood coffee shop with good quality ingredients and a commitment to being a leader in the local coffee community.  Just be prepared to spend upwards of $4.00 for a coffee (pour over method only!).



Posted by on March 13, 2012 in Massachusetts


2 responses to “New Kid on the Block

  1. Stephanie

    March 14, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    Hey don’t hate on us non-coffee drinkers because we don’t like chalk in liquid form! 🙂

  2. muriel

    March 15, 2012 at 8:20 am

    “7-7-7” – I will play these numbers today.
    Nice entry, even for tea drinkers.


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