Baked & Wired

17 Mar

If I could live in one part of DC I’d have to choose Georgetown.  I would live on one of those beautiful tree lined streets in a 200 year-old row house.  I would walk everywhere! To great museums, monuments, shopping, and to Baked & Wired.  On a recent trip to DC to visit Nathaniel and Lyde, we went to Baked & Wired in Georgetown.  We needed a pick me up from all of the shopping Nathaniel was making us do. Eugh.


Taste: 4

Wow was this sweet.  Like crappy Nestle’s chocolate syrup sweet.  Luke warm, couldn’t taste the espresso, so much mocha!  Only in America can you order a small mocha and receive 50 ounces of sugar in return. Eugh. Now, one might assume that a mocha latte and a mocha cupcake might be a good combination.  That is what I thought.  I was wrong, so, so wrong.  I don’t know how the cupcake buying was left up to yours truly.  Yes, I know cupcakes are for dessert, but this was so disgustingly sweet I just couldn’t.  There were people lined up all afternoon ordering 6 cupcakes at one time!  I don’t see what they see… Perhaps the cupcake would be better paired with a seawater latte cappuccino. Eugh.

Appearance: 6

Hello points for originality!  Have you ever seen a mocha latte in this kind of glass?  Looks like a milkshake with a heart blob on top.  I have never sampled a mocha in this fashion, and I have to say I miss the cup and saucer feel.


Store Ambiance: 6

Baked & Wired is a modern, hip place with contemporary couches and dark wood accents. The store is packed with people of all ages craving some serious sugar.  Luckily we avoided the crowds by sitting outside on that beautiful Spring day.  Major points for the local art on display and a big community board with all the going’s on around town.  Points for sourcing their coffee and espresso beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters (yes NYC!).  Points for buying all of their dairy products from a farm in Pennsylvania.  Points for a friendly, trustworthy staff… It is very easy to place an order and not pay at Baked & Wired.  Their store is set up so that you place a coffee order in one room and then pay for it in a completely different room.  Your coffee just magically appears on a shelf and no one is watching you!  I think next time I’ll stick with a regular cappuccino and get my cupcakes at Crumbs.

Local art lines the walls

Order coffees here, then pick them up and pay…

Here! Cupcakes on display by the register

Nathaniel has no sweet tooth.  Boo.


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2 responses to “Baked & Wired

  1. lcp

    March 18, 2012 at 12:07 pm

    so is this mocha meant for students or parents?


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