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Happy Birthday DMV!

Hello fabulous readers!  Do you know what today is?  It’s Del Mocha Vista’s birthday!  Can you believe it was exactly one year ago today that I first blogged on DMV?  I went to Starbucks and reviewed their mocha latte.  At the time, the Starbucks mocha was my all time favorite mocha, my barometer, my benchmark.  The bitter cocoa, the rich espresso, the mountains of steamed milk.  All mochas should be like this!  But over the course of this past year, I’ve discovered some amazing mochas, some even better than those made at Starbucks.  Most notably, Stumptown in NYC sets the bar super high when it comes to mochas.  I highly recommend it!

Do you have a mocha or a coffee benchmark?

So as we wish DMV a happy 1st birthday today, I have to say a BIG THANKS to YOU!  Thanks for reading and commenting and guest posting throughout the year.  It means a lot.  It has also been a pleasant surprise to get to know some of you on a deeper, coffee-obsessed level. It’s kind of awesome. Keep it up. 🙂

Wishing you all a fabulous night!


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Voltage Coffee & Art

As much as I love Cambridge coffee shops, I have to say they are all starting to look rather similar.  I have been hearing lots of buzz about Voltage Coffee & Art in Cambridge, MA.  The buzz is biased, all praise from fellow coffee lovers, who say that owner/barista Lucy is a welcome addition to the Kendall Square coffee scene.  I had to see for myself.

Taste: 7

Nicely done, Voltage.  On my first sip I noticed the great mix of flavors!  Deep dark cocoa and rich espresso are what I tasted most.  The temperature was warm, would have liked it a little warmer.  The texture of the steamed milk was almost perfect!  I had to get a spoon to scoop up all of the goodness.  I love steamed milk!  Wonder if steamed soy/coconut/anything else milk will turn out just as tasty?

Appearance: 6

I haven’t seen one of these pretty little designs in a while.  I still can’t quite figure out what the heck this design is supposed to be.  Or is it really nothing but one of the Rorschach test photos… what do you see? So Voltage, while I so appreciate the effort, if you want to STAND OUT in the Cambridge coffee world, why don’t you try creating a more unique appearance?  Lucy has a degree in fine arts for goodness sakes!


Store Ambiance: 5

I walked into this nearly empty rotating art gallery/coffee shop, looked around, and tried to figure out the vibe – contemporary? vintage-y? or some hipster-esque mix of the two? I was then greeted by a barista who was a dead ringer for a hipster Zach Efron/Jared Leto mix.  I smile as I recall my newest coffee joke:  How did the hipster burn his tongue?  He drank his coffee before it was cool!  You know you laughed, come on. 🙂 To be quite honest, Voltage does not stand out amongst the other Cambridge coffee shops – same look, same feel, same menu.  The one difference I noticed is that Voltage has some fun decorations toys to play with (sorry Joshua, poor grammar, I know). See those globes in the photo below?  One of my favorite games with a globe is to determine my next big vacation.  So I spin a globe and blindly have a friend plant one finger on the globe when I say stop!  My friend Stephanie Flores (hi!) determined that by pure chance, both she and I will take our next vacations to Flores Island.

I open a parenthesis:  I admit, I am embarrassingly horrible with geography.  I don’t know how that happened.  I like to think of myself as pretty well traveled and pretty smart, but geography is not my strong suit.  Honestly though, would you have ever heard of Flores Island if your last name isn’t Flores? Close parenthesis.

Voltage is extremely spacious.  This can be a good thing when you have tons of customers; however, it was so sleepy quiet on a sunny Saturday afternoon that I wasn’t sure how to read the emptiness.  If you like to study in a coffee shop that makes little – no noise, then Voltage is for you.  Perhaps this is their ‘we’re new in town’ phase, and eventually mocha-goers will actually grab a mocha and stay a while.  Bring this place some much needed life!  According to the website, Voltage seems like they are trying to liven the place up with open events to the community. I am interested to see what this place is like on a busy night.  So I hate to break it to you Voltage but I was not so impressed with your first impression.  Some of us do deserve a second chance though, so perhaps we will meet again.

  Order your drink at this counter!  Look closely and             they spelled Banana Bread wrong. Wahh wahh.

 A photo from our corner table. Behind the globes is a table with all the milk and sugar you can imagine.  I love the option to do this yourself, to make your drink just the way you like it.

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