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Woodland Coffee & Tea

Hello to YOU, my fabulous readers! And a Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate. I woke up to some beautiful snow this morning, so I can imagine that all of you who were dreaming of a white Christmas last night must be pretty darn excited. Growing up, my family would often spend Christmas day skiing, and we basically had the slopes to ourselves. Or we would do the typical Jewish Christmas – Chinese food and a movie. But this year things are different; my family is all flying to California to visit one of my brothers for a long, well deserved, vacation together. But before I leave, I have a new mocha post just for you!

I love exploring coffee shops in New Haven, CT. I recently paid a visit to Woodland Coffee & Tea. It was overall just ‘eh’, so I’m not going to write much about it. Basically, go if you want, just don’t order a mocha.

Taste: 3

I don’t think a mocha latte is supposed to taste like bitter vanilla, but this one did. Ick. AND it was served to me warm. Oy. Do I have to order drinks extra hot everywhere I go?


Appearance: 4

They tried, yes. There is some semblance of a heart shape with my steamed milk. But no saucer?! – 6 points. 🙂



Ambiance: 3

This is a fine place to come here and do some reading because it is SO QUIET! If you like sleepy coffee shops that are a big too big and empty, then come on down. The service here is nice – they actually take your order at the table (sometimes) and bring your coffee to your table. There is a huge menu, so even if coffee and pastries are not your thing, I am sure you can find something. Check it out!




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