Haymarket Cafe

18 Aug

One of the most perfect Sundays I can imagine would involve great friends, sweaty yoga, and a nourishing post-workout breakfast. I am pleased to say I was fortunate enough to enjoy one of these perfect Sundays recently at Haymarket Cafe in Northampton, MA. After an amazing moving meditation at Shiva Shakti, we headed to Haymarket for some juices, but naturally, I took a detour towards their iced mocha.


Taste: 5

This is one of the best iced mochas I have enjoyed in quite some time. The trick, apparently, lies in their homemade cocoa powder! Really smooth flavor. Haymarket has been roasting their very own Fair Trade coffee beans since 1999.

Appearance: 2

Nothing super special about this mocha, but doesn’t it look deliciously refreshing?



Ambiance: 3

This is a sleppy, bohemian style spot. Some students studying, some folks reading newspapers, and some diners dining downstairs. Trust me on this–you really do not want to spend time in this dingy cafe; order your coffee and juices to go. One last tip: do not order the food. It boasts a wide vegetarian selection, but you don’t want to waste your time or taste buds on their breakfast sandwich with soy sausage (gag). My friend Nicole enjoyed her vegan scramble, and while this does appear to be the most popular breakfast choice, you will not find me back at Haymarket to give it a try. I will, however, be back for a post-yoga mocha, and you should try one too!




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Posted by on August 18, 2013 in Massachusetts


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