The Golden Pear

22 Dec

While these cold winter nights are getting me excited for ski season, a part of me also longs for summer weather. I am taken back to late summer in Southampton, NY, where I fondly remember my friend Amelia’s bachelorette weekend. As the weekend came to a close, some of us needed just one more walk down Main St. We stopped in at The Golden Pear Cafe for some much needed caffeine – we needed energy to shop after we spent the whole night prior drinking and dancing!



Taste: 4

The Golden Pear is a charming little cafe chain located all around the Haaaamptons. Founded in 1987, owner Keith Davis serves a variety of coffees, teas, pastries, and brunch/lunch options. While this cafe aspires to be more than just a coffee shop or average deli, their mocha latte was just average. It was very light on the cocoa; the flavor could barely be detected. The espresso was not at all strong. This was merely a casual treat to sip while shopping.

Appearance: 2

As you can see, this mocha is nothing special. The line was not terribly long, not sure why no effort was put forth to create any latte art. While the mocha was nothing special, the prices were much more decent (3.00-4.00 dollars) than Sant Ambrouse.



Ambiance: 5

Apparently, this is a Haaaaaamptons must see eatery. This seems like the only place to get coffee around here – there is little to no competition in Southampton. We went late morning/early afternoon on a Sunday. There was a fair amount of people inside, either dining in or waiting for their to-go orders. The ordering process was rather confusing. There is no line, so you have to walk up to the counter all-the-while asking other meanderers ‘excuse me, are you in line?’ After you’ve ordered you try to stay out of the way by sticking to the perimeter of the store, but the cafe is so small you just end up bumping into people anyway. Personally, I cannot understand why so many people opted to sit inside on such a beautiful weekend morning. I prefer to eat outside as long as possible. This seems like a great place to sit outside, order brunch, devour a newspaper, and then do some people watching. The next time I return I plan to do just that.

Has anyone else dined at The Golden Pear? What are your favorite drinks and bites?




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