About the Author

Hello, fabulous readers!  My name is Kate and I’d like to welcome you to Del Mocha Vista.  If you like mochas, like to try new things, and like to travel, then this online journal is for you! What started out as a delicious hobby has transformed into a personal mission – to find a better mocha latte than those made at Starbucks. The name Del Mocha Vista was the result of my family’s quirkiness and too much Seinfeld.

When I am not sipping mochas I work as a Clinician with Walden Behavioral Care in Boston.  I conduct group, individual, and family therapy with those suffering from eating disorders.  It’s a great mix of my interests in mental health, physical health, and food, so I feel pretty lucky to work here every day.

I am so happy to have you here! More to come so stay tuned.


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