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What The What?!

Last weekend I went to NYC for my birthday! I spent the day having lunch with friends and family, seeing a new show called Relatively Speaking, picking up Carnegie Deli, and of course, trying a mocha latte ūüôā Since we were in Midtown W/Theater District, I grabbed a quick mocha at a chain called Europa Cafe. ¬†I ordered an iced mocha latte, no whip cream. I have to say this was one of the weirdest tasting mochas I have ever had! Here’s why:

Taste: 5

I was not expecting this! This iced mocha latte tasted more like burnt caramel than chocolate. As a matter of fact, I do not remember tasting much mocha flavor at all. ¬†I can’t say I liked this ‘mocha’ but I’ll give it a 5 for its bizarre taste.

Appearance: 3

It looks deceptively normal, no? This drink has yet to be shaken so you can see the chocolate/burnt caramel on the bottom. ¬†Definitely lighter in color than the Starbucks iced mocha. All in all, it’s just ‘ehh’, nothing super special.

Store Ambiance: 3

Either the store just opened or I walked into a vacant factory. There was no on here, no music, no nothing. The people who worked here appeared angry and in a rush, or maybe they’re just New Yorkers? Kidding.. sort of. ¬†I did like some of the interior decorating ¬†– notice the colorful mosaics on the walls in the photo below. ¬†With or without the mosaics, I did not like the vibe in here so I couldn’t wait to get my photo and get out.

Where are your favorite coffee shops to grab a mocha in NYC?

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