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Thinking Cup

Hello and happy 2014! I have some exciting resolutions for 2014–I can’t share quite yet, but when I can I will. As always, my resolution is to continue discovering the best mocha lattes wherever I go.  Recent travels took me back to Boston. I was happy to play tour guide for family and friends; I knew that when we needed to escape, recharge, and defrost from the cold, we had to try Thinking Cup. This small cafe is perfectly situated across from the Boston Common on Tremont St. (Park St. T stop), and I have always wanted to try it! What lured me in was their sign ‘serving Stumptown coffee.’ Stumptown in Beantown? Sold.


Taste: 6

Thinking Cup opened its doors in 2010, the same year I completed my graduate studies and left Boston. Had this cafe been open during my three years in Boston, I would have definitely studied here. Thinking Cup boasts that it is the only coffee shop in all of Boston that serves Stumptown coffee (my favorite NYC mocha to date). Thinking cup makes a slightly different mocha than those made at Stumptown in NYC. My mocha here tasted mostly of bitter espresso. I could barely taste the cocoa. It was almost like I was drinking a straight espresso (once I master this I will move on to drinking Turkish coffee!). I did appreciate that my mocha was served with a spoon —  a much needed utensil to scrape every last drop of steamed milk.

Appearance: 8

Coffee as an art form. Are there any modern art museums featuring photos of latte art? There should be! Our drinks took some time to arrive, but look at the photo below – worth the wait, right? Beautiful art. Not exactly an original image, but I love the design. Looks like my favorite Matisse (La Gerbe) is latte form! Delicious.



Ambiance: 6

This is a crowded little coffee shop, almost set back in time. Since there were many of us, we divided and conquered – some waited in line, others scoured the cafe for seating. Thinking Cup is situated across from the Boston Commons, so expect crowds. While seating is a hot commodity, I do recommend waiting and then staying a while. After about 5 minutes of waiting, behold, a small table appeared! The brick walls, dim lights, and tables with antique newspaper clippings made for a great atmosphere to sit and talk with friends. We did not eat anything here, but I read great accolades about the Nutella croissants. I plan to try one next time I head to Thinking Cup.

Have you been to Thinking Cup? What’s your experience? Let’s converse in the comments section below!




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Cup o’ JOE

Ooooh perhaps Stumptown might have a neighborly competitor?!  While in NYC, my friend Molly and I made the trip to Joe the Art of Coffee.  We went to this hidden little location in Union Square at 9 East 13th St.  What a cool, delicious store!

Taste: 8

Not too bitter, not too sweet, just right.  This is the way a good, basic mocha should taste.  Great temperature, good quality semi sweet cocoa, nice equal taste of cocoa-espresso-steamed milk.  I wish I had gotten that WAKE UP feeling from drinking this mocha, so perhaps they could use a stronger espresso or even add in another shot of espresso.

Appearance: 7

What’s better than 1 mocha? 2 of course! Molly and I just smiled when we saw these big hearts in our mochas.  This design seems to be the go-to when making mochas, but it still makes me happy.  Perhaps a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top would make it look outstanding, or even a more unique cup and saucer would add some more points to this mocha’s appearance.

Store Ambiance: 8

This place is great.  It is rather small, maybe 8 tables and lots of chairs so people can still sit even if there are no available tables.  Molly and I did just that until a table opened up (took about 10 minutes!) I do wish there was more seating.  Regardless, all around us there was nice music, good conversation, and the delicious smell of coffee.  Not only is the vibe in this store great, but Joe seems to be very invested in serving the community.  For example, they offer classes on espresso as well as a complimentary running club from their Waverly Pl. location (with free coffee post run!)  Any organization that gives back to their clients gets points in my book!   GO TO JOE’s!

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And The Winner Is…

On this last day of 2011 I am taking some time to look back as well as to look forward. This has been a pretty life defining year for me and I have some big decisions to make in 2012!  With that said, I have looked back on my 2011 mocha latte quest with fond delicious memories.  Traveling and mocha tasting are two passions of mine so I am thankful to share these passions with YOU, fabulous readers! I have discovered that indeed there are many a Starbucks competitor out there, most notably the coffee shops in New York City. My favorite mocha latte of 2011 had to be from Stumptown Coffee Roasters in NYC. They are going to be the place to beat in mocha quest 2012!

Have a Happy New Years everyone! See you in 2012!



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