Woodland Coffee & Tea

Hello to YOU, my fabulous readers! And a Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate. I woke up to some beautiful snow this morning, so I can imagine that all of you who were dreaming of a white Christmas last night must be pretty darn excited. Growing up, my family would often spend Christmas day skiing, and we basically had the slopes to ourselves. Or we would do the typical Jewish Christmas – Chinese food and a movie. But this year things are different; my family is all flying to California to visit one of my brothers for a long, well deserved, vacation together. But before I leave, I have a new mocha post just for you!

I love exploring coffee shops in New Haven, CT. I recently paid a visit to Woodland Coffee & Tea. It was overall just ‘eh’, so I’m not going to write much about it. Basically, go if you want, just don’t order a mocha.

Taste: 3

I don’t think a mocha latte is supposed to taste like bitter vanilla, but this one did. Ick. AND it was served to me warm. Oy. Do I have to order drinks extra hot everywhere I go?


Appearance: 4

They tried, yes. There is some semblance of a heart shape with my steamed milk. But no saucer?! – 6 points. 🙂



Ambiance: 3

This is a fine place to come here and do some reading because it is SO QUIET! If you like sleepy coffee shops that are a big too big and empty, then come on down. The service here is nice – they actually take your order at the table (sometimes) and bring your coffee to your table. There is a huge menu, so even if coffee and pastries are not your thing, I am sure you can find something. Check it out!




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Aroma Espresso Bar

Well HELLO and Happy Halloween! My favorite Halloween candy has always been something chocolate-y, so no surprise here that I now prefer cocoa in my kahve ( 🙂 ). Last Halloween I was feeling the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, and feel incredibly lucky that this Halloween, Hurricane Sandy has left central CT relatively untouched. I am thinking of those loved ones (and loved ones of loved ones) in the NY and NJ areas who have been really affected by the storm. Just last weekend I was right in Manhattan and East Rutherford, sampling mochas and watching the Giants. So I dedicate this post to NYC – hope you get better soon!

Last weekend I went to NYC to visit some good friends and of course, to try a mocha. I went with my friend Ashley to a place near her apartment, called Aroma Espresso Bar, located right in Midtown.  Aroma is apparently one of the largest espresso bars in Israel, and recently opened a few chains in the US. Ashley told me they serve their mochas with a SIDE of chocolate. Sold.

Taste: 5

I am a fan of coffee, and chocolate, and of course, the two combined. Aroma Espresso Bar does this combination quite well. I knew I was in the right place when I ordered my mocha latte and the barista asked me if the mocha was ‘for here’ or ‘to go’; when I answered ‘for here’, she immediately grabbed a ceramic cup and saucer. AND THEN when I told her I prefer no whip cream on my mocha and inquired as to whether or not they typically serve whip cream atop their mochas, she looked at me like I was cuhhhrazy for asking. 🙂 No whip cream on mochas, ever. Ok, so the taste. I was told to mix the mocha when I got to the table because all of the cocoa was sitting at the bottom; they melted milk chocolate into the bottom of my cup. Done. Pretty decent taste balance between sweet – bitter – smooth <cocoa, espresso, milk>. To counterbalance the sweetness of their mocha, my drink came with a mini wrapped chocolate! Mmmm. Although the quality of the ingredients were wonderful, this drink was a good basic mocha. I would have loved a WOW factor – more steamed milk, perhaps?

Appearance: 5

How beautiful and simple is this?! Yes I love a fancy design, but the rich colors of the cocoa contrasted with the crisp white cup and saucer (extra points for a cup AND saucer) makes this look so delicious, no? I would have loved to have seen a bit of a sleeker looking cup to match the modern decor in the store.

Ambiance: 5

The decor is minimalst, tasteful, and modern. Nice service, even for NYC – friendly baristas and speedy service. Good looking pastries; I have my eye on you next time, chocolate croissant. Lots of places to sit, though no comfy spots you would want to cozy up in on a cold winter’s day. It is so quiet in this store – I would have loved to have seen a few more mocha-goers, or at least heard some fun tunes. This may seem like a nice option for a business meeting/coffee meeting, as it is quiet with ample seating space. No bathrooms though, boo. I personally would not like to hang out in this place, it is almost too ‘cold’ looking for my taste, like a museum without anything super interesting to look at (sorry for the grammar, English majors). I recommend heading to Aroma for a bite to eat (deals on sandwiches in the afternoons), grab a mocha to go, and walk over to Bryant Park for some people watching.

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Happy Birthday DMV!

Hello fabulous readers!  Do you know what today is?  It’s Del Mocha Vista’s birthday!  Can you believe it was exactly one year ago today that I first blogged on DMV?  I went to Starbucks and reviewed their mocha latte.  At the time, the Starbucks mocha was my all time favorite mocha, my barometer, my benchmark.  The bitter cocoa, the rich espresso, the mountains of steamed milk.  All mochas should be like this!  But over the course of this past year, I’ve discovered some amazing mochas, some even better than those made at Starbucks.  Most notably, Stumptown in NYC sets the bar super high when it comes to mochas.  I highly recommend it!

Do you have a mocha or a coffee benchmark?

So as we wish DMV a happy 1st birthday today, I have to say a BIG THANKS to YOU!  Thanks for reading and commenting and guest posting throughout the year.  It means a lot.  It has also been a pleasant surprise to get to know some of you on a deeper, coffee-obsessed level. It’s kind of awesome. Keep it up. 🙂

Wishing you all a fabulous night!


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Voltage Coffee & Art

As much as I love Cambridge coffee shops, I have to say they are all starting to look rather similar.  I have been hearing lots of buzz about Voltage Coffee & Art in Cambridge, MA.  The buzz is biased, all praise from fellow coffee lovers, who say that owner/barista Lucy is a welcome addition to the Kendall Square coffee scene.  I had to see for myself.

Taste: 7

Nicely done, Voltage.  On my first sip I noticed the great mix of flavors!  Deep dark cocoa and rich espresso are what I tasted most.  The temperature was warm, would have liked it a little warmer.  The texture of the steamed milk was almost perfect!  I had to get a spoon to scoop up all of the goodness.  I love steamed milk!  Wonder if steamed soy/coconut/anything else milk will turn out just as tasty?

Appearance: 6

I haven’t seen one of these pretty little designs in a while.  I still can’t quite figure out what the heck this design is supposed to be.  Or is it really nothing but one of the Rorschach test photos… what do you see? So Voltage, while I so appreciate the effort, if you want to STAND OUT in the Cambridge coffee world, why don’t you try creating a more unique appearance?  Lucy has a degree in fine arts for goodness sakes!


Store Ambiance: 5

I walked into this nearly empty rotating art gallery/coffee shop, looked around, and tried to figure out the vibe – contemporary? vintage-y? or some hipster-esque mix of the two? I was then greeted by a barista who was a dead ringer for a hipster Zach Efron/Jared Leto mix.  I smile as I recall my newest coffee joke:  How did the hipster burn his tongue?  He drank his coffee before it was cool!  You know you laughed, come on. 🙂 To be quite honest, Voltage does not stand out amongst the other Cambridge coffee shops – same look, same feel, same menu.  The one difference I noticed is that Voltage has some fun decorations toys to play with (sorry Joshua, poor grammar, I know). See those globes in the photo below?  One of my favorite games with a globe is to determine my next big vacation.  So I spin a globe and blindly have a friend plant one finger on the globe when I say stop!  My friend Stephanie Flores (hi!) determined that by pure chance, both she and I will take our next vacations to Flores Island.

I open a parenthesis:  I admit, I am embarrassingly horrible with geography.  I don’t know how that happened.  I like to think of myself as pretty well traveled and pretty smart, but geography is not my strong suit.  Honestly though, would you have ever heard of Flores Island if your last name isn’t Flores? Close parenthesis.

Voltage is extremely spacious.  This can be a good thing when you have tons of customers; however, it was so sleepy quiet on a sunny Saturday afternoon that I wasn’t sure how to read the emptiness.  If you like to study in a coffee shop that makes little – no noise, then Voltage is for you.  Perhaps this is their ‘we’re new in town’ phase, and eventually mocha-goers will actually grab a mocha and stay a while.  Bring this place some much needed life!  According to the website, Voltage seems like they are trying to liven the place up with open events to the community. I am interested to see what this place is like on a busy night.  So I hate to break it to you Voltage but I was not so impressed with your first impression.  Some of us do deserve a second chance though, so perhaps we will meet again.

  Order your drink at this counter!  Look closely and             they spelled Banana Bread wrong. Wahh wahh.

 A photo from our corner table. Behind the globes is a table with all the milk and sugar you can imagine.  I love the option to do this yourself, to make your drink just the way you like it.

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Why hello there, remember me?!  What an unintentional hiatus that was!  My sincerest apologies, dear readers, for being so out of touch for so long.  Tssk tssk, Kate.  It’s been a crazy busy whirlwind couple of months, traveling often and living in Boston temporarily for work.  But now I am back in Connecticut and ready to bring you up to date on all of the mochas I have tried during Spring-Summer 2012.

I will start with Paul.  On a weekend trip to DC, my family and I stopped into Paul Bakery & Cafe on Pennsylvania Ave NW.  I had been eyeing their chocolate croissants for months and figured a mocha latte would compliment the croissant nicely.  The croissant was a kepper.  The mocha on the other hand… well, read for yourself:

Taste: 1

BLACH!  I asked for a mocha latte, not straight chocolate syrup.  Come on Paul, you’ve been doing this since 1889!  This was a huge glass (a small mocha latter for here, mind you) and it basically tasted like the chocolatiest chocolate milk you could think of.  I would have loved to have tasted a little of the espresso… maybe next time I will just go for an espresso… or a mocha cappuccino?! Mmmm.


Appearance: 1

Do YOU think that looks appealing?  No, no you don’t.  I am not drinking a chocolate milkshake, so why is this mocha latte in the tallest glass ever?  This mocha would be so much better served in some 19th century, country-esque patterned cup and saucer.  Paul has been a family owned and operated bakery for over 120 years! How amazing would it have been to have saved and passed down some of the original plates, cups, saucers, everything?!  I am starting to dabble into antique-ing… thinking of this stuff often, always on the look out. 🙂

Store Ambiance: 4

Loves: overhearing conversations in French from other customers… or maybe they were visiting from the Paul in France?! We went to Paul for a Monday mid morning mocha (and baguette, croissants, pie, and other pastries), so I imagine Paul was quiet because most folks were at work.  That was fine with me though… more sample pastries for me!

Not so loves: not the cleanest of bakeries and not one of the most delicious bakeries. But now I know what to get (plain baguette, cappuccino) and what not to get (everything I ordered originally).  So if you are in the neighborhood, for sure check out Paul, but less is more when ordering.


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The Dining Room

Hello fabulous readers! Sorry it’s been a while… I’ve been cramming for this huge licensing test and now it is finally over! Pheew! Now back to the delicious things in life – mochas.

On a recent trip to NYC I stayed with my beautiful friend Ashley!  Ashley lives just outside the city in Hoboken, NJ. There are so many little shops and restaurants to explore in Hoboken, but for Sunday brunch Ashley knew where we were going – to The Dining Room.  It did not disappoint 🙂

Taste: 6

I’ve been desperately searching for the mocha that offers the perfect balance of flavors – I want to taste equal parts espresso, milk, and cocoa.  Well, The Dining Room got 2 out of 3.  I could taste equal parts espresso and steamed milk, but the only way I could taste the cocoa was from the crappy Hershey’s Syrup they poured on top. Sigh…

Appearance: 4

I’m not playing games, Dining Room.  This mocha is for amateurs.  My father can draw a better chocolate-y design than this – a horse, perhaps 😉 Yes the steamed milk looks nice and yes the crisp white cup AND saucer (extra point) compliment the mocha colors.  But no, I have higher expectations for you Mr. Anthony David.

Store Ambiance: 7

I need a new camera. Eugh. Any suggestions? Foggy photos aside, I really liked my morning here at The Dining Room!  Not only was I in great company, but I kind of felt at home (more on this later).  We walked into the restaurant early (10:30amish) and there was already a crowd!  Ashley helped herself to some coffee (DIY) and I ordered a mocha while we waited for our table.  We were seated almost immediately in the back room.  The decor reminds me of my parents house – wood floors, trinkets from their travels, Persian rugs, and random antiques. Oh yeah, and great food!  I walked into the Dining Room not very hungry, but when I caught eye of what others were ordering, I changed my mind quickly! Portions are large, quality is there, outdoor seating is offered.  Just go here.  But don’t order a mocha.


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GUEST POST: Nathaniel Rosenblatt

As what is becoming a bi-monthly extra, as in once every other month, I present to you the second Guest Post!  Today’s post is by my brother Guckie Nathaniel!  Nathaniel is currently living in DC, and even though he’s a long train ride away, I’ll take DC over him living in Iraq any day.  Yes, that’s right, the man has lived in Iraq… and Turkey… and Syria.  He’s really fun to brag about and looks great in a mustache.  He also is fluent in a handful of languages and he’s an all around mensch. So prepare yourself, folks, for the most uplifting dose of happiness you’ve had all day.  The one and only, Nathaniel Guckie Rosenblatt.

Guest Post: An East Coaster writes from our nation’s capital

Hello from gridlocked Washington DC! Or should I say: shut up and get out of my way, I have a bill not to pass!

But seriously folks, we get things done over here. As our lovable Vice President Joseph Biden once said: “If we do everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to get it wrong.”

Which is why it might be hard to understand why Washington DC coffee is crap. I mean, this city practically runs on caffeine and coffee meetings. Why can’t we find a quiet place sit and access free wifi?

We are so busy here in Washington that we do more in one hour than those good-for-nothing West Coasters do in a week. Heaven forbid the Portola Coffee Lab mocha-sipping hacks like my brother can’t get a cup of   Strauss pasture-fed, nearly-raw milk. While we might write crappy legislation, they write crappy movies, which is to say at least we’re trying to do something that matters. Shouldn’t that mean we get coffee that matters, too?

With such high demand for caffeine in this city of appearances – where looking like you’re working hard is virtually the same as actually working hard – you’d think people would be demanding a better brew. So why does Washington DC coffee suck so much?

In a word: Starbucks. They’ve flooded our coffee-drinking market with brown water that costs too much and tastes like the sad dismal landscape of hyper-commercialized America. Starbucks is on every street corner in the city. There are 75 of them within five miles of the White House. There are more Starbucks coffee shops per capita in Washington DC than any other city in the world.

Why is this a problem? Because it makes people lazy. We have officially capitulated to market forces. There is the extra minute required for us to look on our smart phone for a better cup of coffee, and then the extra five minutes it would take to get there. Clearly we don’t have time for that, and so Starbucks crap-ttés reign supreme. Adam Smith was right: the invisible hand does steer us, and odds are, when we want caffeine, it’ll drop us off in front of a Starbucks.

That being said, there are some halfway decent places in Washington, some of them have been reviewed here at DMV (see here and here). But that is the DC coffee drinking community holding up an umbrella to the biblical-sized deluge of crappy Starbucks lattes and mochas that flood our city. We can’t stop the brown rain, we can only hope to build a boat sturdy enough and fast enough to get the hell out of there.

And maybe that boat will take us to a place warm and nice. A place where we don’t have to worry about writing legislation that will combat the spread of nuclear weapons, or curb a national debt that has reached $50,000 per American citizen. A place where we can wile away the day creating coffee drinks with milk set at the rawest legal limit for public consumption. I’m talking about a little place called Los Angeles.

But as for Washington DC, it gets zeroes across the board for its crappy coffee: its mediocre taste; the forlorn appearance of its brews, hidden as they always are behind white paper cups; and the unimaginative ambiance of its so-called cafés. Clearly we’re too busy and important to care about such things as nearly raw milk for making mochas. And if we did, someone at the FDA would probably find out and send some damn fool backwater hick-town congressman from Idaho to halt the legislative session with a filibuster about how raw milk endangers the pasteurizing industry. But it wouldn’t pass, of course, because our congress is as partisan as ever. I suppose you could say we get the coffee we deserve.


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Baked & Wired

If I could live in one part of DC I’d have to choose Georgetown.  I would live on one of those beautiful tree lined streets in a 200 year-old row house.  I would walk everywhere! To great museums, monuments, shopping, and to Baked & Wired.  On a recent trip to DC to visit Nathaniel and Lyde, we went to Baked & Wired in Georgetown.  We needed a pick me up from all of the shopping Nathaniel was making us do. Eugh.


Taste: 4

Wow was this sweet.  Like crappy Nestle’s chocolate syrup sweet.  Luke warm, couldn’t taste the espresso, so much mocha!  Only in America can you order a small mocha and receive 50 ounces of sugar in return. Eugh. Now, one might assume that a mocha latte and a mocha cupcake might be a good combination.  That is what I thought.  I was wrong, so, so wrong.  I don’t know how the cupcake buying was left up to yours truly.  Yes, I know cupcakes are for dessert, but this was so disgustingly sweet I just couldn’t.  There were people lined up all afternoon ordering 6 cupcakes at one time!  I don’t see what they see… Perhaps the cupcake would be better paired with a seawater latte cappuccino. Eugh.

Appearance: 6

Hello points for originality!  Have you ever seen a mocha latte in this kind of glass?  Looks like a milkshake with a heart blob on top.  I have never sampled a mocha in this fashion, and I have to say I miss the cup and saucer feel.


Store Ambiance: 6

Baked & Wired is a modern, hip place with contemporary couches and dark wood accents. The store is packed with people of all ages craving some serious sugar.  Luckily we avoided the crowds by sitting outside on that beautiful Spring day.  Major points for the local art on display and a big community board with all the going’s on around town.  Points for sourcing their coffee and espresso beans from Stumptown Coffee Roasters (yes NYC!).  Points for buying all of their dairy products from a farm in Pennsylvania.  Points for a friendly, trustworthy staff… It is very easy to place an order and not pay at Baked & Wired.  Their store is set up so that you place a coffee order in one room and then pay for it in a completely different room.  Your coffee just magically appears on a shelf and no one is watching you!  I think next time I’ll stick with a regular cappuccino and get my cupcakes at Crumbs.

Local art lines the walls

Order coffees here, then pick them up and pay…

Here! Cupcakes on display by the register

Nathaniel has no sweet tooth.  Boo.


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New Kid on the Block

Render Coffee is a newbie on the Southie coffee scene but boy has it hit the ground running.  Having just opened during Fall/Winter 2011, Render’s reputation as a hidden gem is getting out.  On a recent trip to Boston, some friends and I headed to 563 Columbus Avenue for some brunch and mocha research.

Taste: 7

“My friend writes a coffee blog”, chimed Teresa as I ordered my mocha for here.  “Make that one look good,” shouted the 30-something, flannel wearing, hipster store owner to his barista. Since every single table was occupied, we (Nick and I) took our coffees to the bar table by the window (the other friends don’t ‘do’ coffee. Eughh). This mocha was bitter, instantly woke me up, and the temperature was perfect.  You almost need to eat something with this mocha to balance out the bitterness, and lucky you, Render has lots of delicious choices to offer (pastries from 3 Little Figs!? Yum).


Appearance: 7

Render baristas take pride in appearances!  The rich espresso color, the detailed latte art, and the sprinkle of dark cocoa around the top make for a beautiful mocha.  I’ve seen this design all over the place, so points lost for originality.   Also, is it just me or does that black cup and saucer do nothing to bring out the prettiness of this mocha?

Store Ambiance: 7

This place is truly a hidden gem.  Good quality coffee from Counter Culture Coffee (same as Tryst in DC).  The staff here seemed knowledgeable of their products and damn proud of them! I like to see passion in people.  You order your drinks and food at the counter, the staff brings your order to your table, and will occasionally walk around to clear your plates and cups.  Nice, attentive, clean! Render has to be one of the most high tech coffee shops I’ve been to in a long time.  It seems like they run the entire shop with an ipad.  The decor is sleek, no fuss, and locally infused with pieces of bizarre art from the Boston community.  There are only about 10 tables and a few chairs by the front of the building.  During the warmer months Render opens up their back patio for additional seating.  One of my favorite things about Render is their focus on shopping locally/bringing the community together.  Render offers a discount card for shopping at a handful of local coffee shops/eateries, offers latte art throw downs, and home brewing courses.  This place is great if you are looking for a sleepy, neighborhood coffee shop with good quality ingredients and a commitment to being a leader in the local coffee community.  Just be prepared to spend upwards of $4.00 for a coffee (pour over method only!).



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GUEST POST: Joshua Rosenblatt

HURRAY!  The first installment of my monthly Guest Post is here!  My brother, Joshua, has so graciously sampled and reviewed a fabulous looking mocha latte from Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa, CA.  As an English major turned lawyer, Joshua writes with vivid descriptions, perfect grammar, and a factual representation of his client (Ms. Mocha).  And now, ladies and gents, I present to you: Joshua Giraffe.


Hello from Rainy Southern California!   A guest post for my sister has been a long time coming, because a) Orange County has a number of terrific coffee spots, and b) there are more organic grocery and coffee shops than Dunkin’ Donuts.  If there were a third answer, I suppose it might stem from the blessed spring break I now have from law school, so putting together an entry seemed doable…around catching up with Justified and Walking Dead.   Anywho, I resisted the (admittedly easy) urge to start my California guest post with a “Greetings, Loved Ones,” and in that regard, I will jump right in to one of the most well-known stops in South County.

Portola Coffee Lab

I was not familiar with how the Portola story had developed over the years, but if one thing was clear from the six-dollar mocha I had, this shop stands up and matches the bold claim listed on its website…”In every way coffeehouses around the world try to be truly excellent, Portola Coffee succeeds.”  I encourage everyone to defer your judgments until after you smell the coffee beans here.  I don’t quite know how to describe this – imagine the most fragrant coffee beans you have smelled in your travels (or, failing that, what you’ve smelled grinding coffee at the store or at home), and multiply it by an incomprehensible number.

Perhaps a better way to describe the smell is to consider how wine connoisseurs insist they smell hints of aged oak or mountain-top elderberries, or something infinitely more presumptuous.  In that regard, it was as if Portola’s methods for preparing their coffee beans acted as a magnifying glass for my nose, allowing me to smell exactly what a coffee expert might discover, or what that wine connoisseur might taste in that red.

I will say this.  Their methods of preparation, from the siphon bar to the “slayer” espresso machine, are worth simply observing, let alone enjoying.  If I hadn’t come there with the singular purpose of documenting the experience of a mocha, I may have easily forgotten my order at the front of the line.  Onward.

taste: 9.5

I was not sure how to give out grades here for this.  I relied a bit on how Kate has graded other mochae of the past (get some, Latin scholars), and by simply gauging a number that felt right in my mind.  In that regard, I felt this one blew some other high-scorers away, and has set a standard that Kate herself will have to try when visiting.  However, I cannot be so conceited as to announce my only post as the best possible mocha in the world, nor can I take away from the very premise of a mocha quest by announcing a ten-point mocha as yet.

Anyway, the mocha took nearly ten minutes to make.  I enjoyed that time to watch a baristientist take five, timed minutes to brew a single cup of coffee.  He explained that the mocha would have Strauss pasture-fed, nearly-raw milk, specially used by baristas and set at the lowest legal limit for public consumption.  This particular individual seemed genuinely upset that the FDA would not allow Portola to use raw milk, but I honestly have no cause to complain…whatever was in that mocha was incredible.  The substance of the chocolate, in combination with the milk and espresso, created an extremely thick drink that just breathed dark, dense chocolate into every sip.  I am not one of those types who discovers something delicious and wants to savor it so much that he or she is barely eating or drinking it, but I was compelled to do so for this drink.  Incredible.

appearance: 7

Akin to my first point, I relied a bit on how Kate has graded other drinks.  In that sense, I could not grade the appearance of the mocha significantly higher than a number of other previous posts, but the whipped-milk hearts design was a nice touch.  I understand that the white mugs have tradition and elegance, but I felt this was the kind of place that could actually reinvent the wheel in a positive way.


store ambiance: 8  /  closing: 8.167

Next to where you pick up your drinks, there are is a simple motto in white letters printed on to the light lime wall – geek out, sip, savor.  Portola is a highly-recommended experience in a large but quiet outdoor shopping complex (these actually make sense in Orange County, where you can shop outside a solid twelve months out of the year); it provides excellent lighting and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy your drinks in whatever context – reading, conversing, enjoying the air.  There is an IKEA very close by, so if you have the opportunity to come to Portola with your spouse or significant other, be sure to take two cars and split up after your drinks.  Tina Fey knows her stuff.



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