Shop ‘Till You Drop

20 Dec

Last week my mother and I went to Westfarms Mall in Farmington, CT to do a little holiday shopping! We needed a little pick me up and headed into Gloria Jean’s Coffees for a mocha. Here’s the scoop:

Taste: 4

As you can see, this latte was swwwwweet! I asked for no whip cream, but when my mother told the owner/barista that I will be featuring her mocha on my blog, she wanted to make it look beautiful! I like that in a barista. This mocha tasted like super sweet hot chocolate – I wish I could have tasted the coffee more. This was so sweet I could not finish the drink.

Appearance: 5

This looks like a dessert! Like cookies and cream. Look at how the steamed milk is almost overflowing. This mocha looks cutesy, and while I do appreciate the barista’s efforts, it is quite easy to add whip cream and sprinkles. I might have been more impressed had she crafted some shape out of the steamed milk.

Store Ambiance: 4

For an empty mall coffee shop this place gets a 4 because the owner/barista was so nice! She was so happy and personable that she lightened up the entire store! She also asked me to write down this website so she can check out the review. Besides her, the store was pretty clean, it smelled sweet and chocolately, and there was happy holiday music playing softly in the background. Perhaps having a seating area in the store or directly outside of the store might entice customers to stay a while.


Happy Holiday shopping everyone!

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Posted by on December 20, 2011 in Connecticut


One response to “Shop ‘Till You Drop

  1. muriel

    December 23, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Dear Del Mocha Vista,
    The drink looks so pretty with the whipped cream. Do you really not like whipped cream on your mocha?
    Seating near by would be lovely.
    Thanks for your blog.


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