The Dining Room

29 Apr

Hello fabulous readers! Sorry it’s been a while… I’ve been cramming for this huge licensing test and now it is finally over! Pheew! Now back to the delicious things in life – mochas.

On a recent trip to NYC I stayed with my beautiful friend Ashley!  Ashley lives just outside the city in Hoboken, NJ. There are so many little shops and restaurants to explore in Hoboken, but for Sunday brunch Ashley knew where we were going – to The Dining Room.  It did not disappoint 🙂

Taste: 6

I’ve been desperately searching for the mocha that offers the perfect balance of flavors – I want to taste equal parts espresso, milk, and cocoa.  Well, The Dining Room got 2 out of 3.  I could taste equal parts espresso and steamed milk, but the only way I could taste the cocoa was from the crappy Hershey’s Syrup they poured on top. Sigh…

Appearance: 4

I’m not playing games, Dining Room.  This mocha is for amateurs.  My father can draw a better chocolate-y design than this – a horse, perhaps 😉 Yes the steamed milk looks nice and yes the crisp white cup AND saucer (extra point) compliment the mocha colors.  But no, I have higher expectations for you Mr. Anthony David.

Store Ambiance: 7

I need a new camera. Eugh. Any suggestions? Foggy photos aside, I really liked my morning here at The Dining Room!  Not only was I in great company, but I kind of felt at home (more on this later).  We walked into the restaurant early (10:30amish) and there was already a crowd!  Ashley helped herself to some coffee (DIY) and I ordered a mocha while we waited for our table.  We were seated almost immediately in the back room.  The decor reminds me of my parents house – wood floors, trinkets from their travels, Persian rugs, and random antiques. Oh yeah, and great food!  I walked into the Dining Room not very hungry, but when I caught eye of what others were ordering, I changed my mind quickly! Portions are large, quality is there, outdoor seating is offered.  Just go here.  But don’t order a mocha.


Posted by on April 29, 2012 in New Jersey


2 responses to “The Dining Room

  1. muriel

    May 1, 2012 at 9:43 am

    The chocolate swirls look pretty darn good. Cute reference to your father’s horse drawings.
    Nice pictures too.

  2. Californian-Americano

    May 1, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    Very valid point about the chocolate design – I imagine the employees are extremely busy and that design has just enough intricacy for you to roll with it, but come on! You’re a nation-wide mochaquester! Still not sure how they don’t recognize you when you walk in.

    (NOT a valid point, however, in regards to letting dad design the mochae).

    Very nice ambiance, I see you have some tough standards in giving this place a 7. I’m glad you enjoyed your Hoboken experience, it is quite a fun, young spot.


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